Studying unsupported language in other language's slot

If I am not mistaken, I’ve read somewhere that in a few months you’re going to enable us to study whichever language we would like to. If I get it right, there would be some “empty slots” for languages we could fill with our uploaded content etc.

As many LingQers already study languages not supported by LingQ in slots provided for other languages, I’m just wondering whether there would be a possibility to transfer all the known words, lingqs etc. from one language slot into these empty slots once they are created. I guess that could be a problem, so I just wanted to ask if such an operation is technically possible at all?

Thanks in advance for your answer. And sorry if my wording is a little bit unclear, I’m afraid I don’t think in English today.

I’m afraid that if and when we do add additional languages, you will not be able to transfer any of your data from one language to another. That is just not technically possible.

This is why I haven’t yet started using LingQ for my favorite languages not supported by LingQ (by the way, Polish is one of them). I am waiting for that promised “beta languages” feature to become available. I don’t like the idea of using a “slot” which is currently empty, because - who knows? - I may decide to learn the language of that “spoiled” slot in the future, and I want all my language studies to be under the same login. That’s more convenient, and, I believe, less expensive:-)

@mark: OK, thanks for letting me know. So I’m afraid I would just be stuck in studying Turkish as “Portuguese” here.

@Dmitry_DA: I see your point there, but I really wanted to study Turkish at LingQ and I couldn’t afford to wait any longer as I believe it would help me with my studies. I just hope I would never ever had the idea of learning Portuguese… :slight_smile:

Customic, when these languages slots do come out, you could always create a Portuguese_2 slot if you want to study Portuguese .

Thanks for the idea, James! It would be easier to rename Portuguese to Turkish, though, but I’m afraid it would also be technically impossible. I think I’ll just stay away from Portuguese to avoid further confusion :slight_smile:

“…I would never ever had the idea of learning Portuguese…”
This is exactly what I thought one year ago XD