Studying other languages

As I’m studying a couple of languages that aren’t available as options yet here, I was wondering whether it would be worth requesting them so I can start creating vocab databases (and uploading free content that I might be able to find). Or would you recommend I just use an available language that I’m not studying in the meantime, and then maybe transfer the data over if it becomes available in the future?

Hi Chris,

We would hope to add more languages in the not too distant future. You could use the available languages with different languages but there is no current way of switching data from one language to another and we don’t have any plans to do this.

Which languages are you interested in?

Ok, thanks. I’m starting (or attempting, heh) Icelandic and Danish, but unfortunately resources are rather scarce. I’ve found some free Danish audiobooks, but no text, and as far as I know, there’s nothing really available freely for Icelandic. I have found a number of sites that contain audio and text for languages such as Norwegian and Dutch. I could start compiling a list of these sites for the future.

In any case, that answers my question, thanks. I’ll just use Portuguese and something else in the meantime.

Icelandic! Wow! Why not?.. What we should do is allow members to create new languages and start building them up. We’ll talk about this in the new year.

I don[t know if I am doing this correctly, but I posted this in another forum yesterday (and I actually saw it posted), but when I returned today for a response my post was no where to be found, nor was there a response, naturally. So I am posting again.

I really do like the features on lingQ, and they are actually what I have been seeking for my ? self instruction in Mandarin. So I would like to know if you plan to add Mandarin to your programme?

Look forward to seeing your response.
Thank you.

Hi chichi,

I answered you here, Coming Improvements To The Forum - Language Forum @ LingQ. You should click the “Watch this thread” box on all Forums you would like to follow. That way you will get an email when a reply is posted.

We will add Mandarin but probably not for a few months. Stay tuned…

It will be great when Mandarin is added, I am a kind of sleeper here at the moment, just waiting the chance to study Mandarin or Cantonese further.

I just want to second the suggestion for Danish. I’m currently working on German and like using Lingq. There are a number of Saudis and Moroccans on the language exchange website that would probably be willing to do some audio for you in Arabic. There are also a few Farsi speakers there that might be willing to help out. I don’t know how many people would be interested in learning it but I think that the Esperanto people would be more than willing to offer free help.

I would love to do Danish and Arabic and Farsi. We just have to wait until we have a few other issues settled and then we will open it up to other languages, in fact to any language where we have people willing to contribute content, an online dictionary, and, of course, people interested in the language. Bring on Basque, Sami and Dayak!

How about Bosnian ? I need to speak this language.

I would like to vote for Norwegian - although I am using and appreciate the Swedish lessons.

The next language offering should probably be Hindu/Urdu or Arabic IMO

boas malta, sou de guimaraes e estudo na guarda

Pierre - of course Mandarin is Chinese, but at the time of writing, Chinese (and possibly Japanese) was still in Beta, and not fully functioning (not that it’s 100% now either, but a lot better…).

I am really looking forward to see the arabic language option., by the by. it seems like in chinese and japanese gets a little bit more difficult to figure out what those character mean so I’d post here some helpful tools
I hope these links will help you.

I can’t wait until all languages are available here on lingQ! I am really looking forward to Arabic actually!