Studying Other Languages on LingQ

I just started using this site.
But I study languages other than the ones offered, so I figured that I’d use the “accounts” that are provided for those languages to study random languages.
For instance, I think I’m going to use my English section for importing Hindi texts and such. There are quite a few languages offered that I am not interested in studying, so I can use those for other languages too.

Does anyone else do this?
I wish there was some way I could rename them so I could keep them straight more easily, but we can’t have everything in life I suppose.


Some members do exactly that, but we realize it is not ideal, since you cannot share texts or hints with other members studying the same unsupported language.
Some time in the next few months we hope to add some sort of functionality that will make it easier for members to study languages that aren’t officially supported at LingQ. We will post updates as things progress, so make sure to stick around.

Good luck!

Yeah, I’m not used to the site so far so I’m just hoping I don’t accidentally share Hindi material as English.

As long as you don’t click the “Publish” button when importing a lesson you should be fine :slight_smile: If you ever get stuck, make sure to check out the FAQ for the quickest answer. You are also welcome to post your questions on the forum. Let us know if you need any help.