Study Finnish on LingQ!

@Peter and @alexandrec The most tricky languages to figure out are: ruotsi/Swedish, tanska/French, liettua/Lithuanian, puola/Polish, viro/Estonian, venäjä/Russian, saksa/German, and of course suomi/Finnish. Note that all language names are lowercase in Finnish.

I listened to (one of) your recordings, ukallio. Very impressive!

By the way, regarding the above: “tanska” is Danish, and “ranska” is French.

Thanks for catching that typo. I meant to type an r.

And thanks for the compliment. You are hearing the sounds of a lot of hard work. :slight_smile:

I’ve now added as a dictionary :slight_smile:

@Alex, thank you! :slight_smile:

One small tweak… can you tweak that to open in a new window? The site disallows embedding so it takes over the entire tab. I have run across this “feature” elsewhere and have had to tweak it. I imagine its an easy fix here too.


Ah, thanks! It now opens in a popup window.

I want to learn Modern Greek too!!! When we can get it???

@Alona1213 - currently we don’t offer Greek language, but it’s a good idea for future :slight_smile: