Stuck with a Russian text

I understand that the text is about a bald guy looking for some kind of shampoo at the pharmacy. I just don’t understand what the final line about the store owner’s wife is trying to say.

I really need help here…

It says: “She is my wife. She tried to open the vial (bottle with the medicine) with her teeth, and look at the result”

Great, but what does that have to do with a customer wanting to buy a shampoo for hair growing? and it also says she somehow has a moustache.

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First question was; Can you see this guy(seller) with mustache? Yes, I see him. This is my wife, she tried to open this bottle with her teeth. By the way, this is not a precise translation, but you should get main meaning of this joke:)

“Excuse me, do you have a medicine for hair growing?” - a bald man asked a pharmacist.
“Yes”, - the pharmacist answered.
“Is it good?” - asked the man with suspicion.
“It is very good!” - answered the pharmacist. - “Do you see that person with mustache at the cash register?”
“I see. And what?”
“That person is my wife. She tried to take a stopper out of the vial with her teeth, and look at the result.”
(The last sentence was copied from andrewdobre’s post =) )


The product works so well, after his wife got some of it on her lips … she grew a mustache.

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Hi ! =)))

The problem is, it’s NO shampoo! =))) It’s a remedy to promote hair growth! =))) A customer asked, “Is it really effective (to make hair grow again)?” The answer the pharmacist gave was, “Extremely! My wife had a scarce contact with this remedy, just when she tried to unscrew the cork of the container with her teeth (and mouth). Now, see what bushy moustache the remedy caused to grow with her?”

Of course, I do not consider this to be a really clever and witty joke, it’s rather for the sake of language learning! :wink:

But Angiemc provided a precise jist of the joke, and Andrey made an absolutely exact translation! =))


thanks for the help everyone, really appreciate it.