Streaks based not only on new LingQs


I was wondering if you were planning on allowing us to have streaks without us having to create at least 13 LingQs each day. I like the streak system because it helps me get motivation sometimes, I connect even if I feel lazy. Though, other times it seems like such a burden. I either find myself searching for blue words to create as soon as possible, when all I want to do is read a story, or I lose my streak, get demotivated and thus, don’t do anything for days. I just wish that we could meet our daily streaks with other means rather than just creating new LingQs, by reading, listening or reviewing yellow words for instance.


You are right, Utterskog, the streaks based on number of links don’t reflect our activity in the field of language learning. I don’t attach any importance to them any more. Reading time, listening time, repeating time, speaking and writing should be taken into account.


I agree!

Yup, that’s exactly what we are going to do in LingQ 5.0!
Streak system will no longer be based on LingQs created, it will instead include activity on the site (earner coins). More details soon!


totally agree! hard to find blue linqs sometimes once your vocabulary reaches a certain level

I hope gamification experts will be consulted before any radical irreversible changes are made. I think it is obvious that there are different views on the streak and its role.
In my opinion, the current implementation is not strict enough - you can “repair” it - which makes the streak less valuable. I certainly have started “repairing” my streak much too often. I’ve never had such problem with Codewars and meet my daily goal religiously - that’s because if the streak is lost, it is lost.
Frankly, I don’t know the magic solution to help unmotivated learners who can’t follow their course.
I doubt one exists. But I firmly believe that making it “easy,” and “stress-free” will undermine those learners who can.
Please use caution if you still choose to change the streak logic. Consider deploying a new version of the streak with a different name, such as the “Activity streak” in addition to the “LingQs streak”. That way, users could choose what works best for them.

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I agree about the repairing a streak. Not a fan. And yes I think an " activity streak" is a good idea. My only point (above) is that if you have a high level of known words you could read a couple thousand words and only pick up a handful of LingQs. Where someone with little to no known words would acquire FAR more reading the same amount of text. So I think a separate LingQ and Activity streak makes a lot of sense. Because when there are challenges etc. based solely off of LingQs, individuals with a vast vocabulary literally can’t compete


Ahhh I’m glad to hear it :slight_smile: