Please give me the option to turn streaks of or at least get no more notifications or pop ups on it. I do not care about streaks, nor will i ever care about streaks. The Pop ups drive me crazy and they ad nothing to my language learning. I know you people at Lingq are somewhat married to the idea of a streak but at least give users the chance to decide for themselfes.


The temporary solution for that is to set your Daily goal to highest value - 100 LingQs. If you are creating less than 100 LingQs per day, you won’t be asked to repair streak, because you won’t really start building it.
We will see if we can do something on our end too in the upcoming updates.

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I have been caring about my streak. How does it happen that this morning I was two days ahead of the person next after me in the Chinese streak ((although I thought I should have been one ahead}. I have not missed any days, but later this same day we have the same number of days in our streak. How can this happen?

Hello Patrick, I feel the same way as you do about the streaks but I did not want to change my goals to prevent the notifications. I did however change the settings to prevent the sending of emails with the streak notices and all other notices and now I just ignore the notification on the lingQ site. At least now I don’t get these notices cluttering my email inbox.