Streak reset despite meeting target

I just met my Lingq target yesterday of 13 lingqs (as it states in my statistics) but despite that my 100+ day streak has been reset to 0. Could you please fix this for me?

Did you changed your Daily LingQs goal?

No. It was set to 13 per day. Afterwards I actually noticed that on the page that comes up after you complete a lesson, it actually said that I only made 12 lingqs, however the statistics box on the home page said that I have made 13 and the “You have hit your daily goal” box even came up when I did it.

I fixed your streak, you are good to continue building it now.

thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve had this too where the popup tells me that I’ve hit my goal of 13 LingQs when I haven’t. If you go to the lesson tab there is a box with statistics in the top right. That box shows the true amount you’ve created and whether you’ve equalled/surpassed your target.

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