Streak reset button gone?

I had a couple of problems yesterday and couldn’t keep my streak alive. First my internet connection was out for a long period and when it returned i was unable to log into my lingq account. I tried to log in first thing this morning and it worked but my streak is gone. I also realised that the streak reset button is gone. Some users say they get a pop-up but i didn’t. Please can you reset this for me? Thank you.

p.s is it possible to have the button again or somewhere we can buy streak fixes with our coins like before?

When you log in after losing your streak, you should see a popup window asking to repair it. Not sure why you didn’t, I’ll check if there’s any issue.
Also, make sure to have streak reminder/repair email enabled under the settings, at the bottom:

Hi , i have same problem . I lost my 71 day streak yesterday 6.6.2022 but i didn’t get repair link to my email . Please check it for me also .

Did you check if you have Streak notifications emails enabled under the settings? I fixed your streak.

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