Streak Repair

Can you please explain how to use a streak repair? Yesterday I was fully immersed in Italian and did not have a chance to do a lesson on LingQ, but spent several hours speaking and listening to the language in Italy.

Looks like you did already fix your Italian streak successfully.

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Not sure why, I had switched screens several times before posting, when I went back into the lessons a prompt came up asking if I wanted to repair it. Would it be possible to make it an option somewhere instead of a pop-up that appears when it wants to instead of when we are trying to fix it?

I wish that LingQ hadn’t adopted the gamification gimmicks of Duolingo. I was hoping that there would be one place in my life that did not encourage me to develop an unhealthy compulsion to keep streaks.

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I agree. I know that maintaining “streaks” is important for learning anything, including languages, but as someone who is living in the country that I am learning the language for I am always immersed in the language and some days I just don’t have time to sit at my computer and do a “traditional” lesson. And everyone deserves a day off sometimes- that’s why we don’t work 7 days a week (Well most of us anyway) and students don’t go to school 7 days a week. Some days when I am doing things around the house I just turn on my playlist to listen to to maintain my streak.

Hey @zoran,
July 2- Even though I did my Chinese LingQs yesterday, today I saw that my 100+ day streak had been broken, also there was no repair button available. Could you help me?

@Leoniefumpel I fixed your streak.

Hello @zoran Could you please fix my Arabic streak that I lost on 6th of July?

Hi @szymongrzeska your streak was repaired (should show 49 days). Thanks

Hello, @zoran

How you are you doing?

Although I have been hitting my goals in German for the last 19/20 days, somehow my streak got broke. Could you please fix it? I guess this bug had something to do with the Timezone configuration.

@Henrique_Hermida I fixed your streak.

Thank you very, very much, Zoran!

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Hey Zoran,
I also lost my Polish streak today even though I used the App. Could you please fix my streak?


Sure thing, it’s fixed now. :slight_smile: