Streak problem

Hi. I’m having problems with my streak. I lost my sixty day streak a few days ago and assumed it was just me even though I was sure it came up confirming I had done my daily Lingqs. But since then it has happened a few more times, today again it said I’d lost my streak but I just got on with it. After the Lingqs it said I’d done my daily amount and the apple had 1 next to it. Today I didn’t believe it, so I opened another window and there it was. I hadn’t done my required daily lingqs and the apple did not have 1 next to it. Could you please help me with this? Maybe others don’t have it because they are doing more lingqs, where I am doing the minimum. Don’t know the reason but it’s frustrating that this keeps happening to me. Thanks

Are you referring to your Chinese streak? It shows as active at the moment. Do you have correct time zone selected on your profile? Also, are you maybe moving some of LingQs you create to Known on the same day you create them?