Strategies for spending more time reading on ling without straining ones eyes

A big high-resolution screen - is the best solution in my opinion. But what I think would be even better is to read less and listen more. A language is basically a bunch of sounds after all :slight_smile:

With BOOX Nova3 Color, will you guys wait for a bigger screen instead of 7.8 inch before buying it? It seems like a good candidate for reading on LingQ.

Hi, Asad!

Yes, I prefer a 10 inch screen.
I expect them to bring 10-inch color models to market in 2022.

Also, consider buying a printer, if it’s an option. You’d just print the lessons out to make it easier on your eyes.
You can print any lesson by clicking “⋯” → Print lesson.

I think it is sorted now in nova3. I just received my copy today ; you can easily see yellow and blue colors distinctly. If you want to read the same lesson in black and white without seeing highlighted colors; you can do that too. You have a button “display control” with it you have full control of color contrast and color saturation. Reading wikipedia articles looks nice in coloring.
The only problem it has is “ghosting” like if you have visited a previous page, it will show in the next page in the background, you have to refresh the page to get rid of it even with ghosting it does not seem to me like a huge distraction as long as if you are focusing on reading the text.
With such a glaring glitch in a product; it should not be charged at 400 euros. This is the only negative I have found.
Finally, my eye strain issue is sorted in Nova3. With Google Play you can download LingQ app on it. Having said all that, it should only be used for “reading” ; for other entrainment purposes use a tablet. I like the size too it is light and easy to carry around.
My strategy will be to go through lingQs on the website and get the actual reading done on the Nova3.
Edit: I just imported an ebook from my computer. I have found one feature really nice when reading the ebook; I can read the book in translation/bilingual mode side by side if I wish so. There is a button given for this functionality.

Take a visual break every 30 minutes or so. This is recommended by people over at Z Health: The Vision Gym - Z-Health

Here are a few different visual resets you can choose:

  • Rapid blinking for 20-30 seconds
  • Close your eyes and cover with your palms for a couple minutes
  • Look far off toward an object in the distance

The eye soreness is caused by strain of the muscles which move the eye. You can reset these by moving giving these muscles a break.

It’s like if you are sitting for hours, your hip flexors will likely get tight. So you can offset this by stretching your hip flexors and activating your glutes.

I would say it is not a good idea to touch the eye with the palm frequently, especially during the current pandemic situation.