Strange Italian lessons

There is something strange about a few shared lessons of Italiano Automatico.

The transcript is not correct (retaken from the automatic captions). I do not know whether those lessons were partially removed or incorrectly shared, but something is wrong.

The following lessons, the transcript is wrong:
Essere in gamba
In bocca al lupo (crepi)
Espressione volgare stronzo
Non poterne piu

And other lessons which you can access by clicking Next (I have not continued)

I accessed to those lessons by clicking Next Lesson. On the page of the collection I only see ‘Espressione volgare stronzo’ and ‘Essere in gamba’ with 3 times used.
If you click on the link there, you get the OOPS.

@silviad - Would you be able to email a link to the course to support (at) so we can look into this?

Alex, these are my private lessons! There is only audio since I haven’t received the transcript yet from Albi. Why was Silvia able to view them?

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@pmilone - It looks like some of the lessons in this course are shared and others are private. It seems there may be an issue here with courses that contain both shared and private lessons, where the Next Lesson in Course link at the bottom isn’t ignoring private lessons in that course.

We’ll look into this more closely and see if we can get things working properly. In the meantime, you can move lessons between courses so if you want these lessons to be hidden you may want to move them to a temporary course, just until the transcripts are completed.

I think there might be a general issue here, because what I have noticed before:

I add a new lesson to my Swedish 8sidor lättläst nyheter. I always listen to this myself and verify this is correct, before sharing it and making it public. However, sometimes, when I click on Edit Lesson to share it, I get the notice that I cannot remove the lesson anymore because someone has opened it, and the counter is indeed on two. I get this notice BEFORE I have shared this lesson, so it should not be the case.
So I think, that by clicking Next Lesson in a Collection, you can find private non shared lessons!

@Alex- That is correct. I do not share the lesson until the transcript is complete so the lessons without a transcript contained within the course are private.

@silviad, pmilone - Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve added it to our list and we hope to get it fixed soon!

OK, I moved the private lessons with no transcripts to a different course. Thanks.

@silviad, pmilone - This should hopefully now be working properly, so let us know if you notice the same issue with any other lessons/courses.