Strange ignore word bug

So I noticed by accident a small bug in the system. I was going through some of Evgueny’s beginner Russian lessons, which often have a few words in English in them. At the end of one lesson, he had the words ‘I repeat’. For me, ‘repeat’ was a new word and I accidently set it to known, when I meant to ignore it. I then highlighted the word to make it blue again, and then clicked on the ‘Ignore this word’ button underneath the user hints. When I opened the next lesson and found the words ‘I repeat’ at the end of that lesson too, the word ‘repeat’ was a LingQ and not an ignored word.

I have found this problem very reproducable with different words. All you need to do is highlight a known word, click ‘Ignore this word’ and refresh the lesson and it will be a LingQ.

Plus, I have noticed that when I select a word, the little Google TTS speaker thing is on the right of the word in the dashboard, but when I select a LingQ, the speaker is on the left of it. Hardly an important issue, but maybe it is better to be consistent.

@ColinJohnstone - Hmm, I tried this but can’t seem to reproduce the issue. To be clear, I’m marking a word as Known, highlighting it again, clicking “Ignore this word” then refreshing the page.

There is an issue with ignored words being incorrectly counted as LingQs in the statistics at the end of the lesson, so it may be related to this.

We’ll see what we can do about the text-to-speech icon!

Ok, I might have been wrong about something. It seems to happen only when I do it to already ignored words. Select a word that is already ignored, then ignore it again and refresh the screen. Now it is a LingQ. Ignore it again and it is ignored. Ignore it again, and it is a LingQ. Anyway, I don’t know why somebody would want to ignore an ignored word, so I guess it is best just to ignore this problem. By the way, is it possible yet to set ignored words to known? There seems to be that option now, but it doesn’t seem to work.

@ColinJohnstone - Ah, good catch. I’ve added both of these issues to our list!

I have another one. Let’s say you are at a high level in one language, and at a low level in another. Set your language (at the top left) to one of these languages and go to the page that you get to when you click on ‘Learn’. In the ‘Progress Snapshot’, change the language to the other one. Notice how the Pokemon changes but the ‘Level’ underneath does not.

This is why they call me Hawkeye!

@Hawkeye - Thanks, I’ve added this to our list too :wink: