Stop Using Cookies for User Reader Settings

The data about how I want to view things is NOT going to change session to session. Even if it did, it should persist until I choose to change it.

This is ridiculous just keep this data in the same data base as the other user data.

I hate having to see the tutorial every time my browser or machine restarts.

Related, why is there not a dark mode? This is a service I’m paying to stare at daily that’s paining my eyes and I shouldn’t have to install a chrome extension for a style sheet selection and a few lines of JS.

While I’m here, I also don’t understand why the highlight feature tends to just stop after what feels like an arbitrary number of words.

Regarding highlighting, you can select maximum 9 words at once, that’s the limit. You can’t save phrases longer than that.
Do you have any program installed that clears you cookies automatically when you restart browser? I do restart my computer/browser too but settings remain saved. You just need to exclude LingQ from clearing cookies automatically. We will do our best to improve this in the upcoming updates.