Stop changing status

I often reduce the “status” of some set of words, after having used flashcards, in order to revise them somewhenelse.
It occurs me in particular if I pass a set of words in the standard direction and then in the “reverse” direction. In this case the status change 2 points in the same day and I find it too fast.

How other learners handle this problem?
I wonder if it would be difficult to add a check button to enable user to temporary stop the increment of status in the flashcard page.
Thanks for paying attention.

This function is there already under the Shuffle and Reverse buttons in the sidebar. Untick it and the status will no longer increase automatically.

Oh is THAT what that button does…I though I’d found a bug in the flashcard system :smiley:

Sorry, Mark, but it seems to work differently.
When I untick the check-box, flashcards no more go away after having checked them correctly and status goes on changing up to 4.

I was asking for the opposite result. I’d like to have them out of the list when checked twice correctly, but without changing status; I mean leaving them with the same value.

I know that if you press “Show phrase”, then “check” and then “Got it!”, status won’t change. But by that way you can’t remove flashcards from session after testing correctly twice in a row. And this is a very useful feature. What a pity to loose it.

You’re right Monica. My mistake. We don’t have the ability to not change the status while correctly answering the flashcards. This is unlikely to be something we add in the near future but I can add it to our future enhancements list. :slight_smile:

What a pity, but thank you in any case for handling the trouble.
It isn’t a big problem, anyway, and it is still a good news to know it is in the future enhancement list.


I spend a fair amount of time at the Vocab section and there I can easily change the status of words, individually or in batches. You can also change the status in the Flash Cards.

Thank you Steve, I will.
The little problem is that I use flashcards either from “Daily e-mail flashcards” or from lessons. In both case you can’t go to the vocabulary page and see the only words of your previous set; instead you must look for them among the whole list.
If you could manage them in the vocabulary page, it would be great… and not only to change the status setting.
Anyway I understand you’ve got an order to follow for the things to do list and this little thing can’t spoil my satisfaction in LingQ’s features.

We have plans to make the Vocab list from each lesson viewable in the Vocabulary section and so you could change the status of LingQs more easily.

Meanwhile, often look at words by priority or status, open up a list of 100, and check a bunch of LingQs and more them up or down. You could go in to you status 4 words from time to time and batch move a bunch of them back to 3.

In any case, I often think that if I do not come across the word again in content, the word did not matter right now, and if I come across a status 4 word again, look it up as unknown and discover that it was a status 4 word, I just change its status back to 3. I find fewer and fewer of these not really known status 4 words as I have become more and more familiar with Russian through my listening and reading.

I notice my usual typos

“I often look at words”
“move them up or down”
“go in to your status 4 words”

I am rushing to make breakfast and get out on the golf course!

lucky man - to go on the golf course - we have snow and rain and cold :frowning: