STILL trying to read Kindle purchases in LingQ

@Estruch I don’t recall where I got my file (I saved it Dropbox in case I have to reinstall to another mac), but this site has a link for the software and also seems to confirm that 1.17 is the way to go for the mac OS: Old Version Kindle for PC/Mac 1.17 Download - eReader Palace . I don’t know what the version should be for pcs, but this should be easy to google.

to make it even more specific, here are the steps I follow::

  1. install kindle for mac (1.17), open the ebook you bought, and then go get the corresponding file (the place where the ebook file is stored is listed under settings, also allowing you to change it)
  2. install calibre and the latest version of the drm plugin . Open the ebook file you got from your kindle 1.17 through calibre, the drm plugin will kick in automatically and remove the drm, allowing you to open your book in calibre. then select the book, hit convert, choose epub (this is the format I use, works well), and then once the conversion is over calibre will show a hyperlink to epub. right click the epub link and save the epub file to your desktop
  3. open the lingq page in the language that matches your ebook, and import the file. if you try to import more than one epub file at once, lingq will choke. lingq will also break your book into a ton of lessons, which is not ideal since it is hard to find individual books once you get several ebooks imported to lingq (I don’t have a solution for that other than creating bookmarks outside lingq).

one more tip: kindle won’t allow you to buy books from kindle stores outside of the country you registered as your residence. for example, if my address is in the US I can only buy books here, but not at However, if you change your address to France (you just pick a random delivery address in, say, Paris, but keep your credit card address as is), you can buy ebooks there and go through the exact process described above. all of your previous ebooks will be brought together in your reader. Once you’re done buying from the foreign kindle store, just switch back to your original address to avoid sending physical merchandise there. The page to change addresses is Amazon Sign-In and then click on country/region settings.

once you have the software and amazon addresses fully set, it’s super fast to go from buying a book in any amazon country and start reading your book in lingq.

@Estruch check my other response, your step by step is there.

@Ricardopietrobon, Thank you so much for this info!


yed it does, thank you!

I just wanted to provide an update on this post with a couple of tricks I learned over the past few months:

  1. From time to time, my mac will update my kindle software, and then the exported files can no longer be converted to epub. I haven’t looked into how I could block this automated update, but another solution (which I use) is to simply uninstall and then install 1.17 again
  2. lingq has an eternal bug where it won’t import files that have long names, and the files exported from kindle will frequently have very long file names. The solution is simple: just rename the name to something short and with a single name.

Thank you for this tip. I’ve downloaded the program and am trying to get a Kindle title from my computer to its drag and drop window so I can convert the text to something lingq can recognized. If you have any more tips for me, please share them!