Still no Korean..?

I’ve been waiting around a year for Korean to become available on LingQ and am disappointed to see that it’s still not appeared despite promises that it was seemingly always coming ‘within the next couple of months’.

I write a blog on Korean where I post good content resources and encourage people to use lingQ to learn by importing content into another slot. So far I know of at least a hand full of people who have started using lingQ on my recommendation for Korean, using the Swedish slot.

I cannot see what would take so long to add Korean in terms of the programming given that.

  1. The Korean dictionary already automatically works, and well enough.
  2. I have a lot of resources and content that I could get permission to import and share on the slot - I would also be willing to record all the beginner dialogues with the help of native speaker friends.
  3. There are increasing numbers of people using the wrong slots for Korean. I’m increasing getting pop-ups of hints for Korean words that I don’t know in the Swedish slot which are LingQs saved by others.

Surely it would be more beneficial to just make the slot for Korean open and then we could start building it?

I suppose you would also need Korean tutors. They would not be difficult to find. I know a handful of people here in Korea who would be interested.

It also seems a shame that Korean seems to be such a low priority when there are clearly lots of people who want it.

Steve, if you would like to contact me directly about me helping put this together my email address is:

My blog on Korean is:

Hi JJ,

It is not that we don’t want to add Korean. We have thousands of things we would like to do. We had full intentions of adding it by now. It just hasn’t worked out that way. Nobody is more anxious to have Korean than Steve. However, as a startup, we have to try and do the things that will make LingQ successful first. LingQ has to stand on its own two feet and it’s not there yet. In the end, it is up to us to make those decisions. We still do intend to add other languages soon. Hopefully within a few months. I am very happy to know you have such a great stash of resources lined up. Unfortunately, I can’t promise any more than that.