Still having difficulty buying points

I’m trying to buy more points, but my cards continue to be declined. Is there any other way I can purchase more points? Thanks.

Hi Deborah,

Are you getting a 500 error or is your card actually getting declined? One thing to try if it is getting declined is editing your credit card information. We are now asking for the CSC or CVV number and for your postal or zip code for address verification and the payment system could be looking for that info even though it is not supposed to need it for existing cards in the system. At any rate, please tell me exactly what is happening to you so I can try and help. Sorry about all this.

I’m getting the card declined. After I go into the card to re-enter the card information and press “change payment method,” I then get the 500 error screen.

I can see those errors now in the log. We will look into that. It’s a different bug than before. In the meantime, you can either buy points using your PayPal account, if you have one. Or, let me know how many points you would like and I can send you an invoice you can pay with your credit card.