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I ever knew the word reader as the person who reads, but in Steve’s books it seemingly is used to refer to books. Is this an expression to a specific kind of book, that with vocabulary lists or can this be used for any kind of book?

Hi Ana,

I do not mind answering your questions here since you have put so much effort into creating Portuguese content for us. I should point out that specific language questions, or content related questions for LingQ tutors and staff really belong on the language forum,i.e. English forum for English.

I know you are creating content and I am reluctant to leave your language questions unanswered, but since this is one of the tutorial services that paying members receive it is not fair to answer all of these questions here.

Having said that, a reader is a reading book on a particular subject. Between dictionaries and google, it would not be difficult for you to find that information for yourself.

I also first met the word “reader” meaning a textbook rather than a person in Steve’s book. From the context Steve had used I assumed that a reader for language learners was usually a text with translations or definitions of certain words. And since than this is my working definition of it is.

I am working on a software which is an interactive reader, having the above meaning of such a book, which adopts itself to the language level of a reader, having the meaning of a person. However, I am also not sure of the exact meaning of the reader as a book.

P.s. Sorry that I have confused which forum is for who.

Sorry, Steve,
if I seemed to be misusing the system or even ‘abusing’ you. (I’m not sure ‘abuse’ is the proper verb here).
I’m used to another forum (wordreference) where I put questions and any other user can answer, so when I put some questions here, I did not expect you to answer all my questions. If you go to the threads I created, you can see my first entries were never addressed directly to you, but were general. I started to refer to you only when you answered and raised some other questions on that thread.
Of course, I enjoy your answers too much, but I would be happy with others learners comments too. I’m aware it would be impossible to you to answer all questions about your book (or anything else) from all students. Or at least it would not be ‘economically smart’ to do so free of charge.
I’ve been asking a lot of other vocab questions these days on wordreference forum, and I must say it is easier for me because they have a pretty good email notification system. But since you were answering the questions related to your own book, I understood you were interested in knowing what kind of language questions could emerge from it. But now I can see I have misunderstood your behavior and since I don’t want you to feel constrained to answer me, I will move all my vocab question to wordreference, ok?
Also, I was putting my questions here because I understood this was the place to put questions about the ‘content’ found in lingq. That’s the main reason I used to identify my threads with the “Steve’s book” expression. Now, I must say I’m confused about the role of this specific forum, since its name is ‘content’.
Anyway, I hope I have clarified all this to you.


I can also leave your questions unanswered for others to answer but I feel that I should answer your question since you have put so much effort into creating Portuguese content so i was just pointing out how the system is supposed to work.

We will have an email notification system here too. I do appreciate your active participation so do not worry.

This Forum is supposed to be about how to create more content, good links to podcasts or other questions about how to generate more content for LingQ. I agree that all of this is certainly not clear. Gradually the Forum will improve.

Ok, Steve,
I’m glad everything seems to be clearer for both of us now. I was a little embarrassed by the idea that you were feeling somewhat constrained to answer my questions. I never meant that. I’m just having some fun while creating portuguese content, and learning about how to do it. In the future, when you implement some kind of automatic rewarding system for content generators, of course I’ll be happy to earn some advantages from this, like extra points or so, but that’s all.
Yet, thanks for clarifying the proper aim of this forum. I had indeed misunderstood it.
Don’t worry, I’ll keep on making a lot of comments and suggestions on the forum. I really want to help the lingq system achieve full maturity, since I like it so much.

Thank you Ana.