Steve's book - turn of phrase

Hi, the sentence here is:
“I imitated his pronunciation and his favourite turns of phrase.”
I can’t understand the meaning of this expression, turns of phrase.

A turn of phrase is simply a term to describe how someone uses the language, his or her favourite ways of phrasing things.

Thank you for your second podcast… The sound quality is not great, however. I do not know if it is your mike or your sound card. Also you may have been too close to the mike and we hear a lot of static when you pronounce “t”, “p” and certain other sounds. If you can try to record it again, that would be great.

Do not worry that there are not many users of these contents yet. We are working to improve the site, create our community, and starting next January we will be promoting the site more actively. In the meantime we need content and your efforts are appreciated.

Hi, Steve.
Thanks for anwering my questions about your book.
I noticed the sound was not good, and I believe my microphone is the problem. Well, I hope so, since I use a notebook and therefore it is practically impossible to change the soundcard. But I’m not sure where the problem is. As I said, I’m just trying some things, too see what happens and to be ready to generate content in a more frequent pace soon.
Was the first episode better?
As you asked me, I’ll record at least the latter again, to see if I can achieve a better result.

Hi Ana,

yes the first recording had the same problem. It could be your microphone. I suggest going to a digital microphone. But I do not want to put you to great expense.

I could phone on skype you and talk to you. (You would do most of the talking). If I record our skype conversation the quality is actually very good.

We could try it. We say bon dia to each other and then you just talk, while I record. Tell me if you have time to try this.