Steve Kaufmann Special Appearance on Valuetainment!

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with polyglot Steve Kaufmann who understands over 20 languages. In this interview they talk about the benefits of knowing multiple languages, how to learn a language fast and the similarities between languages.


That’s quite a big channel, definitely some great exposure there!

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Therefore, Lingq 5.0 should live up to the hype I suppose :slight_smile:

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That channel was a good fit for Steve, given his own background as an entrepreneur, and it was interesting to listen to him expound a bit more on the role languages played in his own business career.

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Does Steve know that this is the same guy who recently sold a Wayne Gretzky rookie card for a million dollars?


Wow, you’re right. He had a Gem Mint RC. My Uncle has a Gretzky RC (ungraded), he needs to get it graded heh!

Wonder how much a Mark Kaufmann Rookie Card goes for :slight_smile: