Steve Kaufmann before ipods

that is all.

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Ah ah ah !!! Very funny …

Hey, what’s with those earphones?

If you’re gonna use a ghetto-blaster, you might as well educate the entire street!

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真敬业! 哈哈~

wow, that sure looks like him, how did you come across this?

Who took my iPod? This cassette player is heavy and is really awkward when I jog.

Actually if you hold it above your head you can get a really good front deltoid workout as well.

Well done, Imy!

Steve’s pedal-power language-learning system!

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@ Imyirtseshem.
HAHAHAHA that is great!!!

I’m guessing the reason he’s not moving is because he’s waiting for someone to hook up Clugston.

Then again… Clulgston may not be allowed in Canada due to strict laws pertaining to the use of hot air and the moose protection act. A donkey would probably work better for pulling anyway.

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