Steve in China

I will be arriving in Beijing in the afternoon of October 23 and will fly on to Shanghai on the 26th. From there I will fly to Hong Kong or Guangzhou on the 29th. Thereafter I am not sure where I will be as I am part of a wood industry delegation. I know I end up in Shanghai again November 4th and 5th.

I hope I can meet some LingQers while there.

Yeah, why not meet in person. I’ll be at a conference in Beijing from October 31st through November 3rd. I’ll be back in the Shanghai area on the evening of Nov. 3rd. Let’s meet in Shanghai then.

I hope that you will have a good time in China, Steve.

As for me, I will be arriving in Shanghai in the morning of November 22 to see a Chinese friend (who is not a LingQ tutor but is one of contents providers for LingQ ). Then I will fly to Paris the next day. I am not sure where I will be in Paris for three days. And then I will fly to Toulouse the 26th to see my friends. Finally, I fly to Beijing to go sightseeing 28th Nov. I will stay there for four days.

don’t fry too much!

Looks like Shige is in for a fright :slight_smile:

I will arrive in China late afternoon October 24. I will depart by high speed train to Suzhou on Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm, arriving in Suzhou around 9 pm. I will be in Shanghai on Thursday the 27, and in Suzhou on Friday the 28th. I depart Suzhou early Saturday morning for Shanghai airport and fly to Hong Kong. There is join a group of Canadians involved with the forest industry and we will work our way from Guangdong to Hangzhou to Shanghai. I will have less time the second week.

Please let me know if there is any chance to meet up.

I hope that you enjoy the trip to China and share with us the photos and experiences in China.

Well, Friday 28th is perfect for me, do you know where you are staying in Suzhou?

Hotel Scholars Hotel PingJiangFu Suzhou, 苏州书香世家会所酒店(平江府店)
60 East BaiTa Road,Pingjiang District 平江区白塔东路60号
Suzhou, 215001 苏州, 215001
Phone +8651268286688 6535

Sounds good, let me know once you know what your plans for that day are.

BTW Friedemann, you’ve got a collection of Norwegian podcasts haven’t you? Maybe you could upload 'em to the new Norwegian library at LingQ…?

I listen to “Dagsnytt 18” a popular Norwegian TV/radio program by the national Norwegian TV network NRK. They have all the podcasts on itunes. I love them but they are not beginner content and there are no transcripts.

I am very sorry for having typed all the words “fly” by mistake.

Friedemann, I will have time in the late afternoon and evening of Friday in Suzhou. You can contact me by email or via the Forum. Hope we can get together.

Friday sounds good, I can meet you in the hotel lobby, say five o’clock in the afternoon. My China mission will come to an end some time before Christmas, it is scary how time flies by. I hope I can ask you some questions about learning Japanese. I am seriously considering learning it.

Not Japanese! :-0 Russian, Friedemann, RUSSIAN…!

(Then I’d have a huge motivation to master those darned cases! :-D)

Friedemann and Steve, how about two of you doing a podcast? Perhaps a short one, like 10 mins?

I second that idea Edwin!

Steve and Friedemann did a podcast once before in English, Chinese and (from each side) Swedish-Norwegian.

This time I would suggest: Chinese, Spanish, German! :wink:

I look forward to seeing you Friedemann. If we feel like it we can do a podcast, but no promises.

Japanese is a fascinating language, and so is the culture. What matters is what we are motivated to learn, I believe.

Japnaese eh? Any plans to move to Japan, Friedemann?