Steve and Max (Swedish)

In case anyone’s studying Swedish and doesn’t know, Jeff was kind enough to transcribe a Swedish conversation between Steve and Max that was recorded a couple of years back. They basically discuss language-learning and the (then) forthcoming LingQ system.

It’s listed in the library as “Steve och Max - språkinlärning”.

Thanks for the extra commercial ad. :wink: I usually post them in the “Swedish LingQ podcast”>“New SwedishLingQ podcasts?”.

Brilliant job, by the way. Although my Swedish isn’t good enough yet, I downloaded the lesson the other day and am looking forward to tackle the sea of blue soon. I take it that the comments in brackets are your suggestions/corrections?

It’s amazing how many listens it took to pick up some of the stuff Max said. Some of it was just lightning speed! At 2:07 for instance, my brain just insists on hearing the phrase “I’ll be back” in the “…av i verk…” part of “…att ha användning av i verkligheten…”. I swear I listened to that sentence about 50 times over and over again, haha. There are other bits that are really tricky to pick up on. Must…listen…more…