Steve and Alex Podcast no. 290

During our conversation tonight, Serge pointed out this podcast. Normally I don’t bother to listen to English, but this one is really good to take to heart (especially when we are in the doldrums…).

Thank you Serge, thank you Steve and Alex and thank you Angela for inspiring this recording!

I really enjoyed that podcast also (I heard about it through the LingQ Facebook page). I was surprised to hear myself mentioned.

Sorry, I forgot to put the link for the page in: English LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library, it is #290, right at the bottom.

I think that it’s absolutely true what Alex said (or was it Steve?) about the fact that we are often harder on ourselves than other people are on us. I’ve had several people in the last week compliment me on my Spanish, to the point where I feel absolutely ridiculous protesting.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the podcast :slight_smile:

I heard a really interesting quote recently that went something like this:
“If I make a mistake once, I notice it. If I make a mistake twice, the critics (professional critics, that is) notice it. If I make a mistake three times my audience notices it.”

The goal is usually proficiency, not perfection. Making mistakes here and there is totally OK.