Staying focused on language learning in the era of the internet

If anyone has trouble staying on LingQ, loses focus and ends up watching one million YouTube videos, and if you are on Chrome, better yet Chromebook, you can add a great free app from Crhomestore called StayFocused which allows you to block the internet or certain websites or block everything under the sun except for LingQ for any amount of time you want. I think this is a very good tool for all of the Challenge people! My own internet is disabled until Sunday evening, except for email and LingQ! I think I will disable the Forum page next time too though.


I am constantly in a state of procrastination and distraction-- here I am reading comments (when i got up early to do reading).


I suppose those apps work for some people.

The problem is that it’s as easy (or easier!) to uninstall an app as to install one. Within a minute of an urge to look up something, somewhere, the application will be long gone from my browser!

But I say that this is all for the better! I generally go to things in my target language when I’m distracted. Even If I find myself doing things in English, it’s usually to do something worthwhile, like watching a documentary on youtube, or reading something on Wikipedia. I’m convinced that half of my relatively developed conversational ability comes from my tendance to read about diverse subjects, in diverse languages, at times when these subjects present the most interest to myself and to others.

“If anyone has trouble staying on LingQ, loses focus and ends up watching one million YouTube videos…”

Why not watch a million youtube videos in your target language?^^

Paule, what a great idea! If only I could stay away from the LingQ forum!

That is what I do. I watch French and German let’s plays on youtube. They are interesting to me, because I am a gamer. But you can watch whatever you want like anime, a TV show, News, or even a movie, if it is available.

To be honest, I have not found so much great stuff on YouTube in German. Mosty there are long videos of people playing Call of Duty and some great instructional guitar videos, but none of these things interest me much.

(By the way, I could not remember the name of Call of Duty so I tried searching for ‘most popular war game’ in Google, but accidently left my computer set to the Russian keyboard, so instead, I typed ‘ьщые зщзгдфк цфк пфьу’. Amazingly, Google changed it to English for me automatically.)

Here is a guy who’ve played The Last of Us and also Bioshock Infinite.

I hope I could help you with the lack of variety.

The great thing about let´s plays is that it´s a mix of different “input methods”…

Listening and reading subtitles in your target language.
Reading the menu´s and whatnot.
Listening to the commentator.

I think I´ve learned 80% of my French from videogames and let´s plays^^

I´d recommend “Beyond: two souls” (it´s almost like an interactive movie) and “Edna bricht aus” (one of the funniest games ever^^) The Last of us and Bioshock Infinite have incredible stories too, the gameplay is a little bit “Pow!Pow!Pow! 'Murica!” though.^^

I’ve heard a little bit of Beyond Two Souls that it is good. I watched some of pewdiepie’s english walkthrough, but I’ll maybe fully watch it in French or German for a level up. ( Sorry for usinf this term. I can’t stop using it, ever since I’ve discoverd Laoshu)