Status Box Not fully visible in the Flashcard view

Hi everyone. I am new to Lingq and finding it incredibly useful for learning a little Portuguese. How long has this site been in service and how many active users are there at the present time?

I am using Firefox and have a problem with viewing this link…

When I am on my flashcard page, looking at a flashcard, I have trouble seeing the entire yellow status box when I press the blue number to the right of the word STATUS in the white box. A good bit of the box seems to lie under the white box which is entitled CARD NUMBER. I don’t seem to be able to click that CARD NUMBER box away

What I can read looks about like this:

  • 1-New
    *2-Can’t ???
    *3-Not Su???


OH! I just found a fix which works for me. I can change the sizes of all these boxes by using the firefox function of CTRL- to make everything on the page smaller. But I am guessing you are still going to want to know about this problem, which may be effecting other people too.


Thanks, knowitsome. That’s a screen resolution issue. The boxes overlap when your resolution is low. That’s on our list and we hope to resolve it in the next few weeks.

LingQ was launched in August 07 and we just launched a major update a few weeks ago from which there are a few remaining bugs like the one you mentioned.

Good luck with the Portuguese!

This issue is now fixed. Sorry it took us a little longer to get to it than we thought it would!