Status 4 words skipped when using arrow keys

When moving through a text using the arrow keys status 4 words are skipped. If I want to move a status 4 word to known I can’t use the keyboard shortcuts and have to go back and click on it manually with the mouse.

Also, I’ve only checked this for Norwegian. I’m not sure if this bug affects other languages.

Please note that words with Status 4 are already considered Known. That’s why they are skipped.
LingQs with status 4 are Known and are included in Known words stas. You can only checkmark them to remove them from any review in future.

Might be some semantics, but status 4 shows as “learned”. Not “known”. Status 4 is not yellow, but has the underline or faint outline. If level 4 is considered “known” as well as known (level 5 if we will), then why have level 4 at all?

I assume there’s maybe some history to have status 4 being considered “known” for the purposes above? Or am I missing something?

Having said that, I don’t use level 4 myself, mostly because it’s hard to see so I usually jump from 3 to known anyway, but for those that do, the behavior as the original poster describes seems odd.

I think that the difference is that status 4 can be reviewed with SRS tools for reinforcement. If you don’t want to skip them with arrow keys, don’t set them to 4. Problem solved.

I don’t use SRS, but I do use status 4 for words that I would like to have a hint handy the next time I encounter it, “just in case”. It also helps with reinforcement because I tusually take a split second to consider the word even when not using the hint. Meanwhile, the pages are not so splotchy with shades of yellow, making it easier to read. Later I’ll encounter a status 4 word and think, “Pshaw, I know that!” and mark it as fully known, unless I’m just too busy enjoying the content and blow past it.

Yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing, just jumping straight from 3 to known. I was a little confused as to why there was a status 4 if it was skipped. I don’t do reviews or use flashcards on lingq and prefer bumping up the status on words as I read, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and ignore status 4. I don’t really see a point in starting to do reviews now just to go back and get the status 4 words.

Before this I just left everything status 1 until I knew it and ignored the different status levels. I just thought I’d give them a try recently and I actually like using the status levels more than not using them. The way status 4 words behave though still doesn’t really seem logical to me. I don’t understand why it would count towards known words when it hasn’t been marked known yet. That’s why I thought it was a bug.

Either way it doesn’t really matter. 3 levels before known seems to be working fine for me.