Status 4-Known

When the status of word reache 4-Known it is considered Learned. Why these words remain in flashcards? When they will go out?

All words you have saved will stay there until you deliberately delete them. After all, you might forget some of them if you don’t have regular exposure to the language.

Status 4 words have four settings for how frequently they are sent to you for review: 15 days, 30 days, 60 days and Never. Since it is possible to forget learned words, they are included in your SRS list until you move them to Status 4 - Never. If you are reviewing words from the Vocabulary page, you can select to exclude Status 4 words from your current review session by using the filters on the right-hand side.

Thanks for your answers! If I understudied right, these words will be never added to the list of known words?

LingQs are added to your list of Known Words as soon as they reach Status 4, but they’re different from Known Words in that words that you mark as “Known” right away will not have a LingQ attached to them. I hope this helps explain things!

ok, thanks