Status 4 and Known words

The really bad thing for keyboard users in 5 is that status 4 words are navigable now. In another thread, Mark said to add these to known now but I don’t want to do it because I want my status 4 words to appear in reviews from time to time.

That’s was the difference between status 4 and known in Lingq 4, right? They both counts against your known words counter but you leave some as status 4 which you still have some doubts about to review them, now in Lingq 5 it makes no sense.


It’s true that status 4 are navigable now when we use the arrows. Which is not really enjoyable compared to before. BUT.

I had many of these status 4 before (because we could jump them as you said) but to be honest I’ve decided to move most of them to known. Now you have a new feature, the vocabulary window that can give you all new words, all lingqs and all words in a lesson and you can scroll through them very quickly.

I still use status 4 too but not if I have a doubt if I know or not a word. Because at this point it would be a status 3. I use them just to give me a sort of clue on something about that word that I want to pay extra attention. But I tend to have them at the minimum.