Statistics wrong

Hi - as I’ve been getting used to Lingq I’ve created and deleted several lessons and have accidentally ‘swiped right’ on some pages which if I understand correctly tells Lingq that I know all the words on that page. My stats seem to show all that deleted vocab even though the vocab section of my account mercifully deletes words that were unique to lessons I’ve deleted. The stats also show I have many ‘known words’, presumably from those deleted lessons even though my vocab section shows I haven’t marked any words as known. Is there some way to re-set my stats please? Thank you.

You can reset a language in the settings: Login - LingQ

Also, please note that deleting lessons doesn’t affect your saved words (LingQs) and Known words created in those lessons.

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Hi, thanks for your reply - I did delete my language in the end in order to get back to square one. All the best.

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