Statistics summary - I think the desktop version is labeled wrong (last 3 months)

Something I just noticed after all this time using LingQ, on the desktop browser, you have a drop down to choose to see a summary of your stats like last week, month, year, etc.

I noticed on the desktop version, there is an option to show the last 3 months. But in the app (at least on Android) the option says last 2 months. I am assuming this is the correct description because looking at the 3 month stat on the desktop and 2 month stat on the app, they are the same which obviously doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks, that is an error on the Android app. Will be fixed after next update. The desktop version is the correct one, stats should be for last 3 months.
App show correct stats too, but the wording is wrong, it should say “last 3” instead of “last 2 months”.


Thanks for the feedback, I thought it was an error as well. It doesn’t make sense for real that it shows ‘‘stats for the last 3 months’’, when it’s actually only from the last 2. I will figure out how to deal with thing, because I decided to buy dedicated server and want everything to go smooth. I think this will be the best set up for me, from all that I have tried before. The performance is great and it’s a big improvement on the time I spend doing my work, even when I am not at home and have to work remotely.