Statistic:Hours spoken after cancelling a conversation

Hi Mark, there seems to be a small problem with the statistics:
I cancelled a 30 minutes discussion for today two day’s ago.
I got 1000 points back.
If I look at my statistic for today I see that I should have been spoken 30 minutes. That’s not the case.

The same thing happens when I adjust the “arrows” and somehow add to much time. If I just use the left arrow it seems as if the minutes/hours are correct, but the statistics say otherwise.

Oh, now I see. The 30 minutes were substraced from the wrong language. They were substracted from “German” and not from “English”. Maybe I was locked in with German when I cancelled the discussion.

Even if the right language has the wrong statistics (which I wouldn’t be surprised to hear), you can always add “negative time”.

Yeh I like the ‘negative time’ function as well. Sometimes when I manually add in my listening, I might enter in 30 hours instead of 30 minutes by mistake. Nice, if it were true.