Statistical data

Hello, I would really like to see some data on the how number of my known words, LingQs, learned LingQs develops over time. The data seem to be saved in the database, since there is the “Progress Snapshot” widget that can display them at least for some specific time ranges. It would be really nice, however, to be able to get the data for every day separately, even in some completely raw format, such as .csv.

P.S. Having done web applications development for many years, I know that writing a script doing that would take no more than 10 minutes of time of a programmer, and I believe there would be more people interested in that.

@JakubMarian - We have had requests for this information from a few users and we are considering how best to deal with it. Thanks for the input. We are unlikely to make raw data available since anything we do spend time on should be something that the majority of users can benefit from easily. Most people are unlikely to want to manipulate raw data…! :slight_smile:

+1 for a Progress Snapshot :slight_smile:
@JakubMarian If you can program and want the raw data, it might be quite easy to query the page externally to capture the data at timed intervals.

@Steve555: I suppose it would be possible, although I would have to solve the problem that the data are accessible only after you log in, so the script would have to do that somehow (I don’t have any experience with that). There’s also a high risk of the script stopping working whenever any change to the page is made, so something more ‘supported’ would be welcome. For example, it would completely suffice to add the possibility to get the data using the LingQ API.

I digged into the code of the Progress Snapshot, and I have found out that it actually is possible to get the data. There’s a URL:

where the ‘unique_id’ seems to be a unique number identifying a particular ‘instance’ of a language (I can replace it with other numbers and get the data for other users as well, although I do not know to whom they belong; I only hope it is not possible to change the data through without being logged in as the user).

Although it is not possible to get the data from a specific day (it only accepts post parameters like “last_week”), it is possible to get the overall number through “all_time”, so creating a script getting the data periodically would solve the problem.

Thanks for the information, that’s something I’d like to try. As you said, it’s probably read-only.