Stationary control pane!?!

Just a suggestion…

It seems to me that it would make sense to fix the position of the control pane (if possible).

It may be confusing for new users (and somewhat of a pain to power users) to have to scroll to the top of the lesson page in order to access all the control functions.

Of course as a power user I just hit the home key to get to the top.

Also, if this were the case, one would be able to see their known word count increasing while working through a lesson.


One thing I really miss is the ability to stop and start the audio when you’re deep in the lesson.

Before the control was on the right. Now it’s at the top of the left. You have to scroll all the way up to pause… then scroll back down to where you were.

The audio control should “float” always on the top or be moved back to the right panel


I totally agree.

@all - Thanks for the suggestions on this, we’ll see what we can do here.

@spatterson - The audio player should always be visible at the top of the lesson text. Is it not showing up there for you?

@pmilone - In thinking about this further I’m not sure this is something we will do. We have had lots of comments about extra space being taken away from the lesson text, and displaying the full header at all times would take space away from the core elements on the lesson page. For people with smaller screens (e.g. laptops, netbooks and tablets) this would likely have an even more significant impact.

Alex, I just checked it in firefox and chrome… and what do you know, it DOES float at the top. I swear it wasn’t doing this a few days ago. I’ll try it later in Safari on my mac.

Move along, nothing to see here. I’ll blame this on LUI - LingQing under the influence.

I have been using Chrome for about one hour now, studying two lessons in two different languages, and sometimes the audio player sticks at the top of the page, sometimes not. The LingQ creation often gets stuck (I am mostly using my keyboard to create new LingQs), so I often need to reload the page, and when doing so the player disappears or re-appears. Weird… I have just cleared the browser cache, but nothing seems to have changed.

@mikebond - Hmm, would you be able to record a screencast while doing this so we might have a better idea of what is causing these issues?

I have never recorded a screen cast. I can learn and try to take one next week when I am back home in Italy, but anyway it is totally unpredictable.

@mikebond - No problem, it’s pretty easy using an application called Jing (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith). Being able to see how you’re using the site can sometimes help us in reproducing the issue ourselves, which then helps speed up our development team in getting issues fixed.

@alex if you moved everything up into the black line, it would increase the lesson text space.

@alex - thanks for the link!

Thanks Alex, I will record a screencast next week, but it may take long before those issues occur, would that be ok? The few screencasts I have seen so far were rather short.

@pmilone - That’s true, perhaps this is something we can take a closer look at in the future.

@mikebond - I believe Jing allows screencasts up to 5 minutes. You can of course record shorter ones, but if you have a 5 minute screencast and the issue happens half way through, just let us know approximately where it occurs in the screencast so we can skip to that part :slight_smile: