Starting a New Language

I started learning a new language one week ago. So far I have been reading, listening, and practicing flashcards each for a half hour every day. At what point should I start speaking, writing, and learning grammar? If I study at this pace for a year, how much progress can I make?

Answer 1# : Start speaking whenever you want to, if your goal is to say some things, then say some things.

Answer 2# : Don’t feel like you need to speak right now, or even for a few months. At the start, we have nothing to say, not enough words, and conversation can just feel demotivating.

If a grammar point is bugging you, have a quick look in a book or online. If you don’t get the explanaition, don’t worry just keep reading and listening. Do an hour per day and you’ll see some real progress soon.

which language if you dont mind me asking?