Starting a new language with LingQ

Hi everyone,

Just starting out with both Greek and LingQ – any advice on how quickly to progress through lessons as a beginner? At the moment i’m doing as many as 60 LingQs a day and I wonder if I’m moving onto the next lesson too quickly without hearing the audio enough. (I’ve seen Steve’s video on getting started in Greek btw!)

I’m thinking to go through a new lesson in the morning, adding all LingQs, then just having the audio from that lesson on repeat as much as I can during the day. Maybe later I’ll review vocab from the lesson and look at the growing backlog of vocab in the general SRS vocab list.

How do you approach it?!

My current level: I can read the alphabet but slowly and know about 50 words for sure.


  1. Practice every day
  2. Choose lessons with 15-20% new words
  3. Don’t try to memorize meanings of words
  4. Import lessons about topics that are interesting to you

Very quickly you won’t feel that you are learning the language - rather consuming content you enjoy in a different language :slight_smile:

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I would get bored and unattentive listening to just one lesson over and over again. I work (=read/listen to) on a bunch of them, maybe 10 minutes of listening time, and use the playlist afterwards. Don’t be afraid of starting the next lesson before you have understood the one you are working on completely. Good luck!

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Ok cool. Will give it a go… thanks!

I learnt Japanese from scratch on LingQ, and now I’m on my Italian journey!
The best bet is to just do what you are having fun with. In the early stages, I routinely do some easy stuff, and then I just jump into something difficult. Once I’ve had my fun with that, I might go back to something easy.

My current “routine” right now with Italian is to listen and read to one chapter of Pinocchio a day, and then focus on two simpler podcasts that are about 20 minutes each.

When I listen to Pinocchio, it’s too hard, but I love reading it. So, this is how I balance my activities. Read the hard stuff, listen to it once or twice, and then listen to the easier stuff throughout most of the day… Eventually I’ll get to a level where I can understand Pinocchio when I listen.

Good luck, and have fun!