Stange LingQ behavior

In a recently released Italian lesson…

I made a new lingQ ‘promo colpo’

Then, I made a new lingQ ‘riuscire al primo colpo’

On a refresh (F5) … ‘riuscire al primo colpo’ disapeared in the lesson window but was still present in the
MY LINGQS window.

In the MY LINGQS window I was able to open (with a click) ‘primo colpo’ but NOT ‘riuscire al primo colpo’.

I checked the vocabulary window and both LingQs were present and I was able to open both of them.

I deleted ‘primo colpo’ and ‘riuscire al primo colpo’ reappeared in the lesson window.

@pmilone - Thanks for providing the screencast. It looks like this happens because you’re saving a phrase that already contains a phrase. Perhaps the system should default to selecting the longest phrase if multiple phrases are present, but as I’m sure you can imagine there isn’t always an obvious way to deal with this. I recommend sticking to saving phrases that only include single LingQs, as this should help avoid any further issues like this.