SRS Review - Review Again doesn't work as expected

Hi, when reviewing vocabulary using the SRS, once you’ve gone through 10 words/phrases (or whatever number you review at once), you have the option to “review again”. I would expect that you would choose this if you got a lot of words wrong and want a bit more practice with them. In other words, I would expect that this button would allow me to review those that I got wrong among the 10 words I just did. But that’s not what happens. Instead, we move on to another 10 words due for SRS review.

This behaviour is the same in both the iOS and the PC/website versions.

One way or another there’s a little problem here. Either what’s observed was the intended behaviour, in which case the label on the button is misleading (it should be “Continue”), or what’s observed, i.e. going on to review another different group of 10 words, was not the intended behaviour, in which case a fix is required.

I would actually like it if there was a working “Review again” option. It was a good idea!

That’s actually how it always worked, but I’ve got your point. Maybe the wording isn’t perfect there. I’ll see what we can do.