SRS list on android incomplete or missing

I don’t really use the SRS system in lingq much because (1) I can’t control the font size, and (2) it doesn’t really work on my phone… When I go to the SRS tab it only updates with three or four terms despite the tab having a number like 3700 in parenthesis. It says page 1 of 157, but there are either zero terms or less than five. I swipe to update it and I get one or two. When I try to review I can only review the words that showed up in the list, and a review session for one word is over in two obvious questions. I don’t think this is how the feature is intended to work. It isn’t like this on ios or desktop.

Thanks for reporting. Do you have the latest app version installed?

as far as I know.

Can you check what version is it and let me know?


Thanks, that is the latest one. We are investigating the issue.