Splitting of lessons imported from YouTube?

Does LingQ split a lesson imported from YouTube if the number of words are too great? I imported a video from YouTube that was 42minutes long and has about 5200 words in it. I have 1 lesson of this video with the first 2000 or so words, but it has been about 3 or 4 hours and the other parts of the lesson have not shown up yet. Wondering if this is a bug? Here is a link to the first part of the lesson that was created Login - LingQ


Yes, lesson should be split into parts if it’s longer than limit for one lesson (4000 words).
Can you please give it another try now and let me know if it’s imported properly? Please note that additional parts take some time to appear, but should be imported after few minutes.

I can say that it doesn’t work for me either. Only “Some long video (1)” is created.

I tried again with the same video and only got the (1) still. Waited about 10-20 minutes and the others have not shown up yet. Now, I have another problem as I tried to delete the original imported lesson, but it is still showing up. I went to edit lesson, delete lesson, and it said it was deleted but it is still in the course. When I try to edit the lesson again, I get a 404 error. When I tried deleting the course, it says it cannot be deleted because it contains items bought by other users which makes no sense. How can I clear this out?

Thanks. I reported this to our team and we will make sure to have it fixed asap.

Thanks, is it possible to delete this lesson? It is still showing in the course list even though I deleted it before.

Sure, I removed it now.

I am have the same problem. The videos are not been imported completely. Just a part one (1). I waited some days but until now nothing yet. What is wrong? Helpe me please.
Example: Daring Faith: Daring To Wait On God with Rick Warren - YouTube

@rodrigomarins We are looking into that issue. Thanks for your patience.

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