Spelling correcton

I’ve been put off writing after I read the correction of my last writing. I’d made one mistake in every 12 words. However, most of my mistakes were so called spelling mistakes.

It’s happened that I use British spelling of words, so I used “favourite” instead of “favorite”, “catalogue” instead of “catalog” and so on.

As far as I remember, using a different spelling never was an issue. Up to now…

Oops I’ve managed to misspell “correction” :frowning:

There are a lot of English tutors. You can choose someone from UK (I know that Helen is from UK). Just type the tutor’s name at the title of your writing.

By the way, I don’t think that it is a very great problem. Lingq is not a school, you learn here to improve your writing, speaking, leastening skills. You learn not for good marks, but for result. I am keen learner and like to receive a writing report with not a few corrections. As to the topic, you know how these words are spelled in British English, now you have an opportunity to learn US spelling also :slight_smile:

Hi Oriole,

I’m sorry about that. I have gone in and removed a bunch of those incorrect spelling corrections. I did find one or two other small things! :slight_smile: I think Allison just didn’t realize that the spelling is different in the UK. I will let her know. In general, we don’t expect our tutors to correct spelling. We expect our members to use the spell checker.

Another thing is not to take the corrections too personally. You write very well and your tutor is just trying to help you improve. You should accept the corrections that make sense and ignore the others if you can. I know, I know… it can be irritating.

One thing you should do is change your personal tutor on the Settings page. Your personal tutor is the one who receives an alert when you submit writing and who will most often do the correction. Only when your personal tutor doesn’t have time to do it will another tutor help them out. Your currently selected tutor Tracey is no longer at LingQ.

I only get upset about corrections if they are too few…
If I would correct a Portuguese text with Portugal spelling and word usage, I would for sure do the same as Allison did. I simply don’t know Portuguese from Portugal to the point of being able to correct such texts adequately. I can understand them, but it almost always seems a little bit funny to me.
I guess there are fewer differences between American and British English, but I’m not sure. Since I focus on American usage, though, I would rather choose an American tutor for correcting my texts.
Come on, don’t blame Allison just because she is American, ok? she is a great tutor. If you prefer or need British English, I would suggest you to try Helen, which is great too.

If you want to write British English I would be very happy to correct your work. Conversely, I’m not the best person to correct American English, because I can’t always tell a correct American useage from a mistake.

There is a spell-checker built into the LingQ editor, but I have no idea if it does American or British English. I must have a play with it some time!

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Hi Oriole,

I am so sorry to have upset you regarding the spelling corrections. Please do not take it personally. My corrections are never directed to be an insult but rather a help to the learner. As a student of LingQ, I get corrections myself and use them as a stepping stone to help me in my learning.

In regards to the submission you sent in, I did comment that it was a great submission, and that you wrote extremely well. I truly believe this and encourage you to continue to write submissions. I am happy to help you any way I can, or you are welcome to choose one of the many tutors available. If you prefer to write in British English, I do recommend that you choose Helen as your tutor as she can help you better with that than I can.

I do want to leave you with this thought: Your success in English doesn’t depend on whether you spell in American English or in British English. Your success depends on you and what you choose to do with what you learn.

I wish you all the best in your studies.

Thanks Mark. I’ll change my tutor a bit later. It might be strange, but I didn’t realise that Tracey isn’t here any more.

I like the possibility to submit some writing and have it corrected. I know I might leave out a lot of “an” and “the”, use wrong words and expressions. I always analyse my mistakes and try to improve my writing. However, last time all the good corrections got lost among the spelling mistakes. I might’ve overreacted a bit. I can put it down to all these broken nights I’ve been having recently.