I know its hard to hear but the real problem is that they speak too fast so cannot get correct pronounciation to speak. If you learn wrong the first few times then it stays in your brain and its very hard to correct. sorry but
non compas mentos

Hi. Welcome to LingQ.

You can slow down the speech from lessons. Download the audio, then check out these Forum threads for a few ways to slow the audio down.

Good luck with your language studies at LingQ.

Can I adjust it on my laptop or do I have to get an ipad. I am NOT TECHIE.

The VLC player has a function that can slow down audio on your laptop. It’s totally free.

  1. Download the audio that you wish to slow down
  2. Download the VLC software at
    Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN
  3. Open audio using VLC player
  4. Adjust the speed dial which is under the “playback” menu (found at the top of the page)
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HMMM Download the audio… is there a download button. Do you download everything to the laptop - somewhere. or does it slow it down on this site. Oh and one more thing. You say this whole site to learn a language is for free. Are you sure?? You must have to pay at some stage…

Well, I was referring to the other software as being free. The content on lingq is free, yes, although there are fees for other functions. The home page explains the subscription rates better than I can.

There is a download button under the “i” button, which is at the upper right corner of the lesson page.

would you just put me out of my misery and give me some prices on this please. Cant find anything


Ik begrijp de audio niet. De les kan je in Spaans horen, losse woordjes ook. Aparte zinnen lukt mij niet.

Hoe gaat het spreken, hoe moet je dat doen?


Manja Vogel

@manjavogel - All of the lessons on the site have audio which you can use to improve your listening comprehension. Should you want to practice your speaking, you can go to the Find a Tutor page or the Speak page to connect with a tutor and have a conversation. I encourage you to take a look at the Academy page (Login - LingQ) for several different how-to videos that will help to explain how to use the site.