Specialist vocabulary

I am learning Dutch because I keep my boat in the Netherlands.

So to develop my sailing vocabulary I thought it would be a good idea if I imported a sailing blog. (I have the permission of the blogger) The difficulty is that Google Translate doesn’t recognise most sailing vocabulary. So either there is no translation or a completely inappropriate one.

However I have in paper form a dictionary of sailing vocabulary in 7 languages - which sometimes allows me to workout what words mean. Otherwise I have to get in touch with a native Dutch speaker to ask for the English translation.

So how do I handle this? Do I mark it in yellow without a translation - or a wrong one - and then change it in edit???

Or is there an easier way of doing it?

I’m curious, have you tried some of the different dictionaries available on LingQ to see if any of these have definitions for the words you’re looking for?

If not, probably the simplest option is to click on a blue word, then click the pencil next to a hint. This is the “Edit” icon, and it will open the yellow pane without the dictionary popping up. You can then adjust the hint. If the dictionary does show a definition then all the better :slight_smile:

The only two dictionaries that come up are Google Translate and Babbel. Unfortunately I can’t access Van Dale on line - which is the best Dutch dictionary resource. Or am I missing something?

On that drop down where you see Google Translate and Babylon, click “Edit Dictionary Settings” and you’ll be able to select from a few more. I’m not sure which are good for Dutch, but hopefully one of these additional dictionaries will be helpful!

Thanks, Alex. I hadn’t found that dictionary drop down. I think it probably won’t help my sailing Dutch - but at least I’ve worked out how to edit the translations given.

But the bottom line is that I may just have to invest in an advanced paper based dictionary!!