How many points should I buy and how to speak with a tutor?

Hi abbad, nice to have you here. I think to speak with a tutor is the best way in the skills you want to have.

When you use the button for help on the right side corner you will be able to find a lott of answers they may be important for you.
The prize for a 1:1 conversation from 15 minutes costs 500 points.

Important is, if you want to speak more often, it is better to be at least a BASIC member because then you have a prize reduction for the selling of 50%.

Could I help you? If you have other questions, please bring these in. My native language isn’t English but I think I can help you and others will answer here too.

Have fun!

You need 500 points to sign up to speak with a tutor. You can buy points in increments of 1000 on the Points page which you can get to by clicking the Buy Points link in the top right of the page. As Irene says, you will receive a 50% discount on points as a Basic, Plus or Premium member. Plus and Premium members also receive an amount of points with their monthly membership and these are the cheapest options for buying points if you are going to do a lot of writing or speaking. To sign up for conversations, go to the Speak section. Login - LingQ.