Speaking with tutors

Hi everbody,
Could I write your eksperiences with english tutors?
How to choice the right tutor to speak with? What do you usually talk about within these 15 minutes? Can you feel you betting better with english?

“How to choose the right tutor to speak with?”

In some languages (French and German for example) there are only 2-5 tutors available anyway, so you can just talk with all of them. ^^ There are a lot of english tutors , so…just try to find out if someone who makes good contributions to the forum or the library is a tutor as well.

“What do you usually talk about?”

You can talk about whatever you want.

“Can you feel you getting better with english?”

Talking to a tutor on LingQ is not like going to school. You just talk, and after the conversation, your tutor will send you a conversation report where he points out some mistakes you´ve made and tells you how to say these things correctly.

It´s not the most effective way to learn vocabulary or grammar, but it´s a good way to improve your speaking abilities, because you get used to speaking and find out about your “typical mistakes”. Talking to tutors helps me stay motivated, which is essential for learning a language.

I´d suggest that you do a lot of reading and listening AND talk to tutors from time to time.

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A very good recommendation, Paule!
WE can’t learn a foreign language only by speaking or we will have to exposure to the language 24 hours during several years how it happens with the children from 2 till 7 years old.
We don’t have so much time, that’s why the best method of the language study is to combine reading, listening, speaking and a bit writing.
But first of all - reading and listening and only AFTER that - speaking.

Thanks for all advices :slight_smile: