Speaking from day 1!

Well not quite from day one, but today I spoke with Raana, our Farsi tutor here at LingQ. This is the earliest I have ever spoken. I waited till I had 5,000 words in Arabic and Greek, and waited much longer for Russian and Czech.
I have listened to Farsi for 20 hours, read 7,000 words created 1200 LingQs, and I limited our conversation to the same mini-stories and Who is She, which I have been listening to and reading. Things went great.
Raana is a wonderful tutor. I have scheduled another session for tomorrow. I told Raana ahead of time that I wanted to talk about these content items that I had been working on and she agreed. She was prepared.
At an early stage in our learning, I think we should have the ability to connect with tutors in some way from our lessons, so that we have words and phrases ready to use, and which we understand, and the tutor is prepared to help us.


Steve Kaufman speaking this early in a language? May I ask why? you usually wait until you’re well established so you can have more interesting conversations. Have you just felt impatient and wanted to use what you were learning or what? Also, do you think it helped your Farsi to start speaking this early?

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Congrats, Steve. Out of curiosity, is there going to be a video of this experience? Or at least a video about you describing in more detail how it went? Thanks for the update either way.

I attribute it to the mini-stories. I have listened to the early ones 25-30 times. The vocabulary repeats within the stories. I get a feel for the language, the structure and I have words to use. This was my experience with Greek and Arabic as well. They are powerful. So I am not going into the conversations without any comprehension or words to use. These were not available when I did my Slavic languages.

I am off to Montreal for the Langfest now, but might do something when I return.

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For me it is no wonder at all… Being intrigued by the difficulty of the language you are tempted to try speaking early on to get your self going and up your motivation. Master steve surely got that one up in his sleeve…

Not really. I am quite content to continue listening and reading and discovering the language. In fact, I was not that happy with my early (5,000 words or so) conversations in Greek or even Arabic. Often the skype connection was poor, and we struggled to find something we could actually talk about. Using the mini-stories as the base for my online discussions, as I am now doing for Farsi, changes things. I will do the same in my next Arabic conversation.
One more thing with Farsi. We don’t have text to speech for it on LingQ, so reading and pronouncing the words is a problem, given the Arabic script. So in today’s lesson, for example, I read a mini-story, and then answered questions about it. All quite reinforcing and within the range of what I can do.

Hey, I am off to Montreal but starting next week, if you offer Greek conversations I will sign up. Let me know.

Benny would be proud! I joke, I joke.


Congrats Steve!!

I was going to post the same thing. I’m sure he’ll see this as vindication. He’ll certainly spin it that way. Video response incoming…

Sure Steve i’ll be honored to help you in whatever you need …Check out my schedule!!!