Speak section

There is still a problem with the dates in the calendar, most exactly the way they’re sorted. When looking all along the pages, I always got back to the first dates that is from the 3rd to the 6th. The dates and types of events seems to be mixed as well, appearing on a page not on another one, still they should as I got back to first dates. I hope my explaination is not mixed as well!

Marianne, yesterday I had the same problem but I had suddenly no sound (Audiofile) too and so I thought it was temporary.
I will look what happened today.

there is some more confusing again -

There is a problem with the pager in the Speak section. You always seem to go to the same page. You will have to navigate with the calendar for now. We are still working on a few issues in the Speak section. It should be all done by the middle of next week.

That’s ok. We’ll navigate with the calendar until it’s done.

The calendar is not on great help as well. For instance, I looked for a regular discussion I have on Saturdays. It is written for the day before, Friday. I know that it really means Saturday because it’s a regular discussion. However there is a problem for other discussions. How could we know for which date they really are set up?

We’re trying to fix this now, Marianne. Sorry about that.

These issues should all be fixed now. Let us know if they aren’t.

It seems working fine :slight_smile:
I know that some problems may arise; thank you for trying to resolve them so quickly!

Hi, I receive remind event emails one day before the conversation will occur, is it normal?

Yes, these are the 24 hour reminders that we instituted.