Speak and/or Write: a LingQ book group

@James123. Thank you so much. What a find! I had to stop buying new FL books.

If we could somehow manage to get a conversational reading group going that would be great. I have a fair few works of young and young-ish French writers on my shelves, but I also have Orsenna and others from further back. Camus is still my favourite.


Camus is definitely one of my favorite francophone writers! I have La chute, L’étranger, La peste, L’exil et le royaume.

I’m happy to read all and reread La peste, and L’étranger any day of the week. :slight_smile:

I’m really liking the sound of this book club, I think in the future it would be neat all reading the same book and discussing it. It may take some time to get people to have the same book but people could jump in when they wanted and we could also discuss what kind of books we want to read. I am studying Korean so I would like to read Korean books. Maybe when this takes off it would be work making sections in the forum specifically for a book club, with certain languages. What do you think?


Lucky you! I only have L’étranger in French, La Peste in English. I also have Olivier Todd’s biography in French.

I’d be more than happy to have a tutor-led discussion, I’d even stay up late for that! I can do something this week, in May I’ll be travelling a lot, but may be able to do something once I’m in Bavaria.

I understand that you’ll be traveling, so there’s no rush on my part. (I know, I know, I’m starving over here, but bookworms can live forty days without food, yes?) :slight_smile: Perhaps in June?

I have read L’étranger a while ago. I really found the main character a bit ‘etranger’. I’d love to hear comments on this book, though I won’t express my opinion well in French.

That’s why I’m going to use a tutor, my thoughts are woolly enough as they are, if I tried to express them in French, Camus would be turning in his grave…

Perhaps while waiting for the tutor to set up the conversation, we can start discussing the books in this thread, or go over to the language-specific forums.

May be I will start with L’étranger. I read it a few years ago, so I might I have to reread it. I still remember when I was going through the book, I find this main character really ‘weird’, and somehow antisocial. Anyone else finds the same?